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    Go to videosEpisode 3: Charm, Blndeye, Adam Camm, Fly RinkEpisode 2: Capes, MOSAICS, Shortwave, MASSASAUGAEpisode 1: Adam Camm, Fly Rink, Eleven Fifteen, Indoor Shoes

  • Series 11

    Go to videosEpisode 10: Shortwave, Massasauga, The Coast, Crooked TiesEpisode 9: Indoor Shoes, Eleven Fifteen, C-J, The AchillesEpisode 8: The Coast, Crooked Ties, The SRB, Say LessEpisode 7: C-J, The Achilles, Future Theory, SovereignEpisode 6: The SRB, Say Less, Shadows of a Silhouette, Snowflake GenerationEpisode 5: Future Theory, Sovereign, R John Webb aka Dandy the Vandal, The HeightEpisode 4: Shadows of a Silhouette, Snowflake Generation, The Impersonals, The Masses Episode 3: R John Webb aka Dandy the Vandal, The Height, Rosa Caelum, DD AllenEpisode 2: The Impersonals, The Masses, Shabbah, BroozerEpisode 1: Rosa Caelum, DD Allen, Silverlake, E-PO

  • Series 10

    Go to videosEpisode 10: Broozer, Shabbah, The MucksEpisode 9: Silverlake, E-PO, The Gold Supply, Death of the High StreetEpisode 8: The Mucks, Champagne Casuals, Honey I Shot The PresidentEpisode 7: Death of the High Street, The Gold Supply, The Teals, Thunderian SummerEpisode 6: Champagne Casuals, Honey I Shot the President, Lilleburn, The Cherry ApesEpisode 5: The Teals, Thunderain Summer, DimesEpisode 4: Lilleburn, The Cherry Apes, Disquiet Black Country, Pagans SOHEpisode 3: Dimes, Lunarca, Wurlitzer, Stanleys, Pagans SOHEpisode 2: Pagans SOH, Disquiet Black Country, Stanleys, MarseilleEpisode 1: Lunarca, Wurlitzer, Tender Vendetta, Thee Deadtime Philharmonic

  • Series 9

    Go to videosEpisode 10: Stanleys, Marseille, 3 Little Wolves, FlakeEpisode 9: Thee Deadtime Philharmonic, Tender Vendetta, Zilch, Tooth and DaggerEpisode 8: 3 Little Wolves, Flake, Parlour Creepers, The VistaEpisode 7: Tooth & Dagger, Zilch, The Astras, The Last RoguesEpisode 6: Parlour Creepers, The Vista, The Pacemakers, ChasersEpisode 5: The Astras, The Last Rogues, Lyrico, BeormaEpisode 4: The Pacemakers, Chasers, Ruby J, BauderlaireEpisode 3: Lyrico, Beorma, Quentin Francis, Joe WrightEpisode 2: Ruby J, Bauderlaire, Open Arms, Smokin EskimoEpisode 1: Quentin Francis, Joe Wright, Shader, Love Breakers

  • Series 8

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    Episode 10: Open Arms, Smokin Eskimo, Ria Plays, ChaosaromaEpisode 9: 3 Little Wolves, Flake, Parlour Creepers, The VistaEpisode 8: Ria Plays, Chaosaroma, The Silver Lines, Mild HeadacheEpisode 7: Watermark, Nerve 0303, Insurgent, Five O FivesEpisode 6: Mild Headache, The Silver Lines, Ace Ambrose, The SpaceEpisode 5: Insurgent, Five O Fives, Sam Lambeth, Dean DoveyEpisode 4: Ace and The Oddity, The Space, Springs, YnesEpisode 3: Sam Lambeth, Dean Dovey, Graywave, CrymsonEpisode 2: Springs, Ynes, The Crooks, Cage ParkEpisode 1: Graywave, Crymson, Headshrinkers, Perry Manning

  • Series 7

    Go to videosEpisode 10: The Crooks, Cage Park, Kioko, Paradise Circus Episode 9: Headshrinkers, Perry Manning, The Mariners, Cigarette Social ClubEpisode 8: Kioko, Paradise Circus, Sleep Patterns, M A R CEpisode 7: The Mariners, Cigarette Social Club, The Novus, DinkyEpisode 6: Sleep Patterns, M A R C, The Earnest Spears, Myles Cheshire Episode 5: The Novus, Dinky, Roma Cove, Marstone Episode 4: The Earnest Spears, Myles Cheshire, Village Bully, Glass CeilingsEpisode 3: Roma Cove, Marstone, Cantaloop, OSCAEpisode 2: Village Bully, Glass Ceilings, Parade, AkandeEpisode 1: Cantaloop, OSCA, The NU

  • Series 6

    Go to videosEpisode 10: Parade, Akande, The VCR, The PinesEpisode 9: The NU, Time of the Mouth, The New ConsistentEpisode 8: The VCR, The Pines, Blvff, VedaEpisode 7: The New Consistent, Time of the Mouth, SWJ Group, Jack CattellEpisode 6: Blvff, Veda, Namiwa Jazz, Myriam AdamsEpisode 5: Jack Cattell, SWJ Group, Y!kes, SleuthEpisode 4: Namiwa Jazz, Myriam Adams, Nova Bloom, Of Kings and CaptainsEpisode 3: Y!kes, Sleuth, Imperial Wax, Titans of DoomEpisode 2: Nova Bloom, Of Kings and Captains, Clarion, The RegularsEpisode 1: Imperial Wax, Titans of Doom, White Flag Dares, The Institutes

  • Series 5

    Go to videosEpisode 10: Clarion, The Regulars, MutesEpisode 9: White Flag Dares, The Institutes, The Borgias, PoolEpisode 8: Gazelle, Mutes, Crest Glider, Runaway Hounds, Episode 7: The Borgias, Pool, Black Bear Kiss, By DevicesEpisode 6: Crest Glider, Runaway Hounds, Callow Youth, PeakEpisode 5: Black Bear Kiss, By Devices, The Creature Appeal, KanvasEpisode 4: Callow Youth, Peak, Karkosa, Free Galaxy, Episode 3: The Creature Appeal, Kanvas, The Novus, Young Garbo Episode 2: Karkosa, Free Galaxy, The VerseEpisode 1: The Novus, Watermark, Tall Stories, Young Garbo (Live at Muthers Studio) 

  • Series 4

    Go to videosEpisode 10: The Verse, The Clause, EstateEpisode 9: The Arosa, Methods, BM4RK Episode 8: The Clause, Estate, Citylightz, Paper Buoys Episode 7: BM4RK, Anne-Marie Allen, Fabrik, Frantic ActionEpisode 6: Citylightz, Paper Buoys, Future FiresEpisode 5: Anne-Marie Allen, La Dharma, Flatline Stereo, Violet, The Novus Episode 4: Future Fires, Candid, The Rumble, Esther Turner Episode 3: La Dharma, Flatline Stereo, Invade The Arcade, Episode 2: The Novus, Violet, Ivory Wave (O2 Institute, Birmingham)Episode 2: O2 Institute, Birmingham PreviewEpisode 1: The See No Evils, The Mourning After, Jason Disley (Heavy Soul Records Alldayer Special)

  • Series 3

    Go to videosEpisode 11: Invade The Arcade, Luna Klss, Kurses Episode 10: The Bug Club, Lycio, Candid, Arcadia Roots, Beyond All Reason (Bewdley Music Festival Special 2018)Episode 9 Part 1: Sleepy Heads, The Novus, Violet, Sugarthief (Sonic Gun Weekender)Episode 9 Part 2: Karkosa, Cave Girl, The Cosmics, Ivory Wave (Sonic Gun Weekender)Episode 8: Luna Kiss, Kurses, Dead Agents, Idle NoiseEpisode 7: Candid (Lunar Festival Special)Episode 6: The Rumble, Esther Turner, Balaban and the Bald Illeagles, White Flag DaresEpisode 5: Dead Agents, Idle Noise, Candid, Lady Sanity,  Episode 4: Balaban and the Bald Illeagles, White Flag Dares, Echo Gecco, Zee KhattakEpisode 3: Candid, Lady Sanity, The Novus, MethodsEpisode 2: Echo Gecco, Zee Khattak, Eyeden, Maximilian JägerEpisode 1: Methods, The Novus, The Strays, Rubella Moon

  • Series 2

    Go to videosEpisode 9: Rubella Moon, Eyeden, Fabrik, The ResidenceEpisode 8: The Strays, Maximilian Jäger, Jack in a Box, 13 BurningEpisode 7: Fabrik, The Residence, Rubio, 40 Shillings on the DrumEpisode 6: Jack in a Box, 13 Burning, Frantic Action Episode 5: Rubio, 40 Shillings on the Drum  Episode 4: Feed 'em, Frantic Action, Karkosa Episode 3: Big Ginger Kid, Alex Ohm, The Jack Fletcher Band, Lexis, Episode 2: Karkosa, Amiri, Recall the Remains Episode 1: The Jack Fletcher Band, Lexis, Brains for Breakfast 

  • Series 1

    Go to videosEpisode 11 Ky’Orion, Shaun​ ​Gambowl​ ​Walsh​ ​&​ ​The​ ​Plagiarists, Madi​ ​Saskia, Sugarthief, The​ ​ClauseEpisode 10 Recall The Remains, Lycio, ThievezEpisode 9 Lycio, Brains For Breakfast, The Good Water (playing at the Hare & Hound in Kings Heath Birmingham)Episode 8 The Clause, Pete Hackett (Cult Of Wedge), Episode 7 The GoodWater, ThievezEpisode 6: Blue Nation, Lilli Roze, Sugarthief Episode 5 MeMe Detroit, Mynx Brown, Killer BOBEpisode 4 Sugarthief, Madi Saskia, RtKal & Shokryme - B.B.S (Equiknoxx Music)Episode 3 Dyrtisan, The Charlemagne, ElektricEpisode 2 Shaun Gambowl Walsh & The Plagiarists, Straight For The Sun, The Good Water, Ky.OrionEpisode 1 (Pilot): Electus, KY'ORiON, Samuel Rogers' Magnificent Dreams

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