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Before you click 'send', please take the time to read these FAQs - they contain some useful snippets of info you should know before applying.....

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  • How many songs do you record?

    We record three songs per artist per session. Two of your songs and an interview feature in the next RawSound TV episode after filming (usually 9 days later on a Sunday). Your third track is a 'bonus track' which will appear two episodes afterwards.Your three performance videos are also broadcast as stand-alone tracks as soon as we can put these out. Shows and performance videos are uploaded to our official website and YouTube channel.

  • How much does it cost?

    We'll film your performance, mix and master the audio, and create finished videos for FREE!
    However, we do ask that all bands and artists consider making a donation via our PayPal (link will be provided) - This is essential to the future of of RawSoundTV and is used to pay for mundane things like the refreshments we'll provide you with, lighting, heating and repair of studio hardware. Please therefore donate if you can. Your donations will help us continue supporting the next bands that want to appear.
    How much should we donate we hear you ask? 
    Well, as a guide, ask yourself how much you currently pay for an hour in your practice space? Or how much you'd have to pay for 3 professionally filmed videos and audio tracks.....Anything you can donate is greatly appreciated - Split between a band of say 4, the cost of a couple of pints each....

  • Where are you based?

    The studio is located at:
    Glass Onion Recording StudioMulticultural House55 Great Hampton StBirminghamB18 6EL
    TOP TIP: Use Google Street view to see what the building looks like before your trip.

  • When do you shoot the videos?

    We shoot videos every other Friday evening at Glass Onion Recording Studio. Regrettably, this day is non-movable, we all work during the day and have lives outside of the show (believe it or not).
    Please note that we shoot two bands during the session at 7pm & 9pm. We're a laid back bunch, It’s fun, there’s beer, but it’s busy and we have to be organised. Please therefore arrive on time, and allow for travel delays if travelling from outside of Birmingham.

  • Can we embed the videos on our socials?

    Too right you can. Apart from being great fan content, your performances can strengthen applications for shows and festivals. Plus, sharing the RawSound TV love is what keeps us afloat. Ripping the videos is strictly prohibited, though — don’t be that band (we will find out...).

  • Do you book everyone that applies?

    We try our very best! We have no genre, age, gender, location restrictions - all are welcome to apply!
    However, the sheer volume of applications, means that getting you on the show may take a little while than we'd like. 
    Hang in there, and we’ll get to you as soon as possible but we will acknowledge all applications received and let you know where we are with the current schedule.

  • How do I know if my application is successful?

    Once we’ve received your request, you’ll receive a confirmation email. We aim to send this as soon as we can but there's no need to chase, we will respond. 
    We’ll add you to the waiting list and try to give a rough indication of where we are in the current series schedule. When a slot becomes available, we’ll email you again with the date and time (or a choice if you are lucky). If you can make it, we’ll get you booked!
    We do also have last minute cancellations were artists drop out for one reason or another - We'll also contact you if there are any of these too.