At the heart of our equipment we have (Chas & Dave) two Sony HVR-Z1E, Full HD 1080i cameras that record to DV format cassette. Providing both a highly cost effective format and full 1080 line resolution.

The set up:

One camera (Dave) will be mounted on a camera stand as a stationary shot, and the second (Chas) will be roaming getting close ups of guitars, drums, and keyboards.

Next on the list we have two action cameras, a GoPro Hero 4 that records full HD 1080p. And a 720p action camera.

The Set Up:

The GoPro is mounted overhead to cover the whole room for the extra wide shots of bands, the other camera is set up for more intimate shots of the drummer.

The new camera on the block, is the 360Fly a full 360 degree camera to submerge you into the action.

Check out the video below  #LifeUncropped

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